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My love for baking started at an early soon as I could drag a chair over to "help" my mom in the kitchen... measuring and pouring, piping, and eventually learning to make buttercream roses.  However, it wasn't until my children were born that I started creating edible art.  What began as just birthday cakes for my boys quickly became cakes for friends, and soon their friends.  And before long, I was a hobby baker wanting to go pro.  That was the birth of "Sweet Dreams Cakery".  Though cute and sweet, the name didn't quite feel right.  


My favorite reactions are those of pure shock when people are in disbelief that my creations are edible!  Every cake is a new feat and I pride myself on making my customer's days extraordinary.  I've been told that I feed the heart and soul from my kitchen.  I sincerely thank the two most influential women of my life, my mom, Phyllis, and my grandma, Zell, for their inspirations and building the foundation of my Southern Roots and the true inspiration behind

Zell's Cottage.

Zell's Cottage Bakery is a wedding and special occasion luxury cake and cookie studio operating under the Georgia Cottage Food Law in Gainesville, Georgia.

My Grandmother, Zell

My Mother, Phyllis

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